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Pre-School TL Education

1.To provide professional support and training for pre-school teachers on teaching methodologies suitable for pre-school education with special focus on the development of listening and speaking skills

2.To create the  platform to share best practices and teaching resources

3.To develop teaching resources that would engage pre-schoolers effectively in learning

Creation of e-books: Workshop and Competition 2015

 A two-day workshop was conducted for about 28 primary and secondary TL teachers. Teachers were exposed to the writing conventions and strategies so as to create interesting Tamil stories for children aged between 5 and 8.

Objectives of the workshop:

  1. To identify Tamil teachers who can be potential authors to create suitable interactive Tamil e-books appropriate for the Singapore context.



  2. To expose target audience to writing conventions and strategies through a workshop cum conferencing so as to create interesting Tamil stories for kids aged between 5 and 8.



  3. To create winning stories and extension activities into Tamil e-books to be uploaded online for use by schools and Singapore public.